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art for good 2023

A year long project between Michelle Schenker and myself to raise awareness to social issues and the organizations that advocate, advance, and improve the populations they impact.


For a donation to one of the organizations that we are highlighting, we will send you an original piece of art as a personal thank you! We will post new art each month for a new cause.


Below are the available collages that I have created specifically for this project. If you see a piece you like:


1.Make a donation of $20 or more to one of the organizations listed on the right*

2.Send me a copy of your receipt of donation, the number belonging to the art you want from those shown below, and your mailing address

3.Check your mailbox for an original piece of art!

*If you live in the USA, shipping is free. If you live outside the US, shipping will be $5, paid directly to me (not the organization).

Make sure to visit Michelle at to see her available artwork.

highlighted organizations

Click to learn more about the work they do and how to donate:

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